Welcome to Be Image Consulting

I invite you for a lesson like no other, not from a TV show, but in reality and designed specifically for you. Learn how

to get that put together look by choosing clothing styles and colors that best suit you, your body type, personality, and

lifestyle.  Susan

I’m happy to have met many wonderful people with many different goals and reasons for hiring me.  Here are a few reasons

why my clients, both men and women, have sought me out:

Professionals wanting to increase their level of visibility and look more credible

Wanted to identify a style for themselves and learn how to dress for their body type with confidence

Entering and re-entering the work force wanting to develop a professional image

Wishing to complement their skills and values with a strong outer appearance

Needed help for a special occasions such as weddings, balls, parties

Needed help making new outfits out of existing clothes and culling their wardrobe

Wanted to update and modernize their look

Changed sizes and need to develop a wardrobe that fits

Single men and women desiring to attract positive attention of a partner








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Association of Image

Consultants International

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As seen on WMUR's Chronicle 

"Do you find yourself staring at your closet in the mornings,

saying I have nothing to wear? Well if you're finding yourself

in need of a major makeover, that'll have your family, friends

and co-workers turning their heads in a good way, Erin Fehlau

has a woman you need to meet."  Click Here to view the

segment now (Windows Media Player 8.8 MB).